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imageConvert 2.2


Automate file format and color conversion with your HELIOS ImageServer

imageConvert offers server-based file format and color conversion to the users.
Conversion parameters like file format, color space and resolution are defined by the folder name and interpreted by imageConvert on the HELIOS file server.

Each file copied to a folder named "JPEG-RGB-72" will be converted into JPEG with RGB color space and 72 dpi resolution. For conversion, users simply copy their files into this folder.
Other folders are used for different conversions defined by their name.
Forthermore the color conversion can be defined by ICC-Profiles, simply by copying the ICC-Profiles to appropriate subfolders.

Supported functions:

  • File formats:
    Photoshop native, TIFF, EPSF (raster), EPSF JPG-compressed, PICT, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, BMP
  • Color space:
    Lab, RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Bi-level, Indexed
  • Rendering Intents:
    relative colorimetric, absolute colorimetric, saturation, perceptive
  • Spot colors:
    convert to process colors, keep, ignore
  • Resolution:
    any value
  • Scaling:
    width and height by pixels
  • Clipping path:
    keep, ignore
  • ICC-Profile tagging during conversion:
    embedded, referenced, omitted
  • ICC-Profile tagging without conversion:
    embedded, referenced
  • Set resolution of images
    e.g. set digital camera JPG's to 300dpi
  • Set image dimension
    e.g. set digital camera JPG's to 10x15cm
  • remove ICC-Profiles
  • remove clipping paths
  • improved logging of conversion and used ICC-Profiles and rendering intent

New in imageConvert 2.2:

  • Device link support
  • Improved conversion to EPSF
  • File formats TIFF-Compressed and TIFF-JPEG
  • Black point compensation
  • Conversion with remaining file format
  • Conversion of 16-bit / 8-bit color depth

    Conversions can be done very fast, flexibly and efficiently with imageConvert. It is particularly useful if numerous files have to be converted frequently.
    imageConvert uses the powerful features of HELIOS ImageServer for these high-quality conversions.



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    imageConvert Details





    Installation of imageConvert is very easy and can be done by the site administrator



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