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WSLogReport 1.0


Automated interpretation of HELIOS WebShare 1.0 accounting files

WSLogReport daily reads the WebShare accounting for

  • Number and size of uploads
  • Number and size of downloads
  • Number and duration of logins

During a month the information is collected for each user in a monthly summary file.
For each user the single actions are collected in a user file.

WSLogReport writes the reports into a folder named "Accounting". This folder is placed in Volume "HELIOS Applications" subfolder "WebShare". Subfolders are created for each year and month . The monthly summary is written to a file named "Summary", the users reports are collected in subfolder "Users".

The files are tab-delimited text files and can be imported by other applications.

With WSLogReport it is easily possible to account WebShare services.



Download PDF datasheet


WSLogReport datasheet.pdf





Installation is easily done by an install script.



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