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PDF-native-OPI with HELIOS PDF HandShake and ImageServer

HELIOS PDF HandShake UB includes a solution to do OPI-resolving directly in a PDF file with placed OPI-layout files.
PDFopiresolve uses this feature and offers a very comfortable way using this pdf native OPI capability.
The OPI-resolving is simply done in a hot-folder of the HELIOS ScriptServer.

PDFopiresolve uses different sub-folders for the original and the resolved file. A protocol about the resolving can be written.
In case of an error the files are stored in an error-folder and an error-log is written.
The name of the sub-folders can be set in the configuration.
File name prefix and suffix can be exchanged or added to the resolved file to mark them.



Configuration with HELIOS Admin

Configuration with FlowView Pro


The configuration is done with HELIOS Admin or FlowView Pro from Macademy.

For best integration of the PDF preflight into your workflow PDFopiresolve has a lot of options:

  • use as HELIOS ScriptServer hot-folder
  • definition of sub-folder names
  • overwrite existing files or add counter to file names.
  • activate HELIOS file events for the different files to use the sub-folders as another hot-folder
  • delete the original file or not
  • create an OPI-report as text file or in HELIOS logs
  • error report
  • exchange existing file name prefixes
  • exchange existing file name suffixes
  • add prefix to file name
  • add suffix to file name
  • use HELIOS Admin or FlowView Pro for administration





Installation of PDFopiresolve is very easy and can be done by the system administrator



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